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Clare Belfrage
Bronwyn Goss
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Adrian Jones
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Susan Purdy
Sue Saxon
Liz Williamson


Artist's Statement

The photographic process I use to create these images has its origins in a technique called  ‘photogenic drawing’ invented by William Henry Fox Talbot, in 1834. This pre dates photography by at least 40 years.

Experimentation by Man Ray and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy extended the possibilities of Talbots’ technique in the 1920s.  Called ‘photograms’ by this time, the process involved arranging objects on photographic paper and exposing the paper to light. It was then developed, fixed and washed.  The resulting prints have a dark background and a silhouette of the objects in white.

My discovery in this context is that by recording the shadows of transparent objects, I am able to insert dimension into previously dense silhouettes. In this work glass jugs, the blackness and the red seals are all useful metaphors. Jugs because they hold. It is their function to contain. They hold water, a symbol of emotion—a visual equivalent. Blackness also has emotional equivalence. In these works is a place where there is no horizon. This location is an under/inner world.

Wreath Silver gelatin photographic paper 44 x 66


Individual exhibitions

1999    Love Letters, Helen Gory Galerie, Melbourne

1998       Keeping Still, Switchback Gallery, Monash University

1995    The Shaking Tree, Stop 22, St Kilda Railway, Station. Melbourne.

1984    The Mirror, Visibility, Carlton, Melbourne

Selected Group Exhibitions

1998    Three Suites, The Photographers’ Gallery, Melbourne

1988       Contemporary Australian Artists, The William Heimerman Collection, The Photographers’ Gallery

1997       Savannah, Touring Exhibition, Gippsland Art Gallery. Sale

1995       Cerebration and Place, Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale

1995       Pilgrimage with Kaye Green and Julie.Adams, Monash University

1990       Contemporary Gippsland Artists, Touring Exhibition, Latrobe Regional Gallery

1988        National Photographic        Exhibition, Albury Regional Arts Centre

Curator's Statement

Susan Purdy's photograms respond to the flow of light that circulates around water jugs. They invite us to delve more deeply into these seemingly simple vessels to consider the energies they might collect.
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